Interview Exclusive : Crazy Town

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Hi guys, thanks to give us a part of your time with this interview. I want to say, it’s a big honor and a huge pleasure to ask you some questions. I’m a big Crazy Town fan since 2001.

How does it feel to come back after 13 years ? How were the shows when you came back on stage for the first time ?

Bret « Epic » Mazur Doesn’t feel like 13 years…time flies. The shows we played upon announcement of our return were amazing! We were playing festivals and out drawing the audience capacity by at least 10,000 people at every festival. The crowds were glad to see us back and we were even more happy to be back on stage.

Is Crazy Town, today, is the same Crazy Town since 1999 or the mind changed ?

 We have absolutely grown. It would be a shame if we haven’t evolved spiritually and musically. Some fans want us to come back exactly the same which I think is very narrow minded. We are still Crazy Town but time has passed.

We really love a lot The Brimstone Sluggers and I have a big question about it… Why does it take so long to come back and release this new album ?

 There a number of reasons it took so long. I was writing and producing other artists and projects in the meantime. But the truth is that, we were kind of just over it. We were planning a comeback with DJ AM before his tragic passing in 2009. That put off the comeback yet again. The important thing is that finally, we are back now!

On the album we can listen to two different versions of « Megatron », which one will be played during your next shows ? And why this song and not another ?

 When I was producing the record, I put together the alt version of Megatron because I felt that the alt version was more dramatic. I wanted to do a half time, darker version. I would like to have the option of doing either version live.

How can you describe your music ? I mean, not just with words like « rap/rock » or « hip-hop/pop-rock » but what your music with Crazy Town means to you.

 I hate genre labels anyway. Our music is snapshot in time. Crazy Town is what happens when we get in the studio and express ourselves musically. Whether it’s an emotional song, fun, agro, angry…what we do in the studio is just what it is. Hopefully it resonates with those that hear it. Hopefully the world gets a chance to.

Between The Gift of Game, Darkhorse and now The Brimstone Sluggers, which one is your favorite ?

I really don’t have a favorite. Each record and moment in time played a different role in our evolution. TGOG was more raw than Darkhorse. Darkhorse was more introspective. The Brimstone Sluggers is a mixture of both but more a follow up to TGOG.

How was the reaction of the crowd when you played new songs ?

The reaction to the new songs was insane…as if the crowd knew them. Hands in the air…only thing missing was singing along because nobody knew the words yet.

We hope to not wait 13 years again to the next Crazy Town album. Do you have some ideas for news songs after The Brimstone Sluggers ?

We would like to go a bit more heavy on a new EP that we would like to release in 2016

Do you have any opportunity to play in France soon ?

 We hope to be playing in Paris before the end of this year…perhaps November?

Do you want to say something to your french fans and for the readers of the webzine « House of Wolves” ?

 Please support our return. Help get the word out. Follow us on all of our social media and let’s stay in touch. We love you and are very grateful to be back. Thank you!

Thanks a lot guys, thanks for your time and your kindness. France loves Crazy Town and is waiting for you!